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Mistress Sassz'ine

Mistress Sassz'ine
Abilities that are in each phase:
The Mistress will mark the tank with Burden of Pain. A DOT that lasts for 1 minute and causes the tank to mirror all physical damage that he takes to the rest of the raid.Other tank should taunt off whilst one tank has the ability until that tank gets the debuff.
The tank who does have the debuff should be picking up the 3 Abyss Eel adds that spawn when she casts From the Abyss. These adds deal shadow damage with their attacks, rather than physical.
These adds have an interruptible cast called Into the Depths where they will teleport and spawn to a random player and leave a 4 second dot on them. (Adds can be stunned)
When the Eels do die, they leave a large patch of goo for 20 seconds, which deals ticking damage to any player in it and reduces their hit chance by 75%.
Throughout the fight, she will also target random players with Hydra Shot. After a few seconds she will shoot out a spear towards each player she targets, dealing high damage to everyone between her and the target, but the damage is split between all targets. However, you can’t have everyone stack up, because this gives players a stack of Hydra Acid which will deal ticking damage for 6 seconds and if you have 2 stacks of it, you will be stunned for 4 seconds.
(It is PHYSICAL damage, so the tank shouldnt help soak the damage otherwise it would be mirrored back to everyone.)

Slicing Tornado - a wall of tornadoes that travel along the room, leaving hard hitting dots on any players caught in them. The tornadoes will slow down when they reach the goo from the eels dying. Only way to avoid the tornadoes is to kill the eels so you have the goo to hide behind.
Consuming Hunger - endless dot that can only be stopped by walking over a thunderous shock patches that spawn.
Thunderous Shock - When you walk over the patch, the Consuming Hunger debuff will be removed, and you will be stunned for 4 seconds, but that stun is dispellable.
After you remove the debuff, however, you will spawn a murloc that will cast Water Blast (interruptible and stunnable) that will deal burst damage to random players.

70% Health - PHASE TWO:
Kill off eels whenever you can, you don’t use the goo to counter any abilities. Make sure you have no consuming hunger debuffs going into this phase because you won’t be able to get rid of it.
Call Velus: A line of bubbling water will spawn in the middle of the room in a line across. Anyone standing will take near lethal damage, and be knocked back with a ton of frost damage by a giant fish launching itself across the screen along that line.
Summon Ossunet: Multiple ink patches will spawn across the room. If you run across them, you gain a debuff that will slow your move speed by 25% and a 10 second DOT.
Beckon Sarukel - A large whale will appear on the side and pull in all players. Any players without an ink debuff that is within 15 yards of the whale will be swallowed whole. The only way to get rid of the boss is to run past him with the ink debuff 3 times.

30% Health - PHASE THREE:
Slicing Tornadoes from Phase 1 (kill adds, go through gap).
You will have the fish that jumps across the screen and the ink patches, however you don’t have the Large Whale.
You will have Consuming Hunger, but no jellyfish to get rid of the debuff, so that is the enrage in this fight, if everyone gets the debuff and eventually everyone dies.