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This fight consists of 3 phases and 2 intermissions.

Empowers himself for 12 seconds leaving a stack of Felclaws that will cause any physical damage you take for the next 20 seconds to be increased by 20%. THIS CAN STACK. Tanks will want to taunt swap at 4-5 stacks to prevent themselves from being one-shot by his attacks.

A purple orb will appear in the middle of the platform. You will immediately die if you stand right under if when it comes down, but you will want to stand near the edge of its landing radius because when it does land it will knock you back pretty far and it can knock you over the edge if you aren’t careful enough. Tanks should place the boss inside where the orb will land so melee can continue to fight the boss without a chance of getting hit by the orb.

After this, the orb can spawn in any of the 4 corners of the room. Sometimes it is hard to see with all the other mechanics going on, so it’s a good idea to stack near the middle/boss anyway during the first few phases.

Armageddon Rain/Blast: He will spawn a few small red swirls on the ground and one large one. Anyone can stand by themselves on the smaller ones and they will want to in order to prevent raid wide damage. A tank or anyone with an immune can take turns standing on the big one.

Soaking the small puddles will put a small debuff on you that deals ticking damage for 1 minute and the Blasts spawn every 50 seconds, so avoid soaking 2 in a row to make sure your debuff falls off before the next one.

Intermission One: Kil’jaeden will launch himself in the air on the side of one of the platforms and become immune to damage, so focus on mechanics in this phase.

Focused Dreadflame: KJ will target someone with this and everyone will need to stand between the boss and the target to help soak the damage.

Bursting Dreadflame: A circle around you, when you get this just run to the edges to avoid the damage stacking. 1.5 million Fire damage to all those in the circle.

Bursting Dreadflame can occur during an Armageddon, so be careful you aren’t taking too much damage during this phase. If you get a Bursting Dreadflame, you probably shouldn’t be soaking the Armageddon Rains.

After 1 minute, he will fly back onto the platform and phase 2 begins.

In this phase, you deal with all the abilities from phase 1 plus a new debuff called Shadow Reflection. For this, everyone should be stacked behind the boss so when the debuff goes off, the adds will spawn under the boss and can be cleaved.

Shadow Reflection adds will cast a Erupting Dreadflame, which will be a long cast and deal raid wide damage, so these should be focused first and foremost.

The damage increases with each cast, so usually on the 2nd or 3rd set of adds coming out if when you will want to use Heroism.

Once KJ reaches 40% health, he will move into Intermission Two.

The entire raid area will go pitch black and you will receive a Deceiver’s Veil ability, preventing sight and targeting abilities from affecting anyone within 8 yards. You will need to move to the 4 corners of the room and find Illidan. Once you do, ping it for the rest of your raid and they can all join you in killing Shadowsoul adds that spawn right near him or will find him once you have during this phase. Everyone should be within 8 yards of each other for healing abilities to hit them.

Everyone will start to be affected by Choking Shadow which will slowly decrease the amount of healing you can receive while in the darkness.