/ World of Warcraft


Hero at the start.

Tank the boss near the edge of the circle. Everyone fans out in a semi-circle behind him.
Keep boss still in the fight because he will destroy any pillars that he walks over.

Avoid Infernal Spikes. It will look like green swirls and will come out on ranged players and have a pillar burst out from the ground.

Shattering Star will pick a player and point an arrow towards them. After 6 seconds, a huge ball of flame will launch towards them, knocking over any pillars in its way, damaging players and then doing raid wide damage once it reaches its target. DAMAGE REDUCED THE MORE PILLARS IT HITS.

Once he reaches 100% energy, the boss will cast Infernal Burning, which is another 6-second cast and will deal high damage, leave a nasty DOT and knock back anyone not behind a pillar at the end of its cast.

Crashing Comet will appear as a green circle around you and will (after 4 seconds) deal splash damage and destroy any pillars within 10 yards.

Burning armor is a debuff that will appear on a tank that after 6 seconds, all players within 25 yards and destroy any pillars. Any damage taken from this will increase all damage you take by 100% for 20 seconds. (TANK SWAP ON BURNING ARMOR)

Video of Fight