/ World of Warcraft


Everyone stack in front of the boss.
Each melee attack on the tanks will have a chance to leave a DOT called Jagged Abrasion which lasts 30 seconds and can stack. Tank Swap usually around 4-6 stacks.
Upon reaching 100% energy, Harjatan performs Unchecked Rage to all players in a cone in front of him split evenly.
Murlocs will spawn in two set locations around the room. They will run to players that are fixated so if everyone is on the boss, you will be able to cleave the adds with the boss.
DRENCHED - Stacking Debuff that increases frost damage taken by 5% and deals frost damage as a DOT

Boss will cast an ability call Draw In (similar to Nythendra’s Heart of the Swarm phase) that will draw in all the pools of water and drag them to him. For each pool absorbed, Harjatan will gain a stack of Frigid Blows.
Frigid Blows - Each Melee attack will cause a random player to spawn a pool of drenching waters and deal damage to the entire raid, as well as remove a stack of frigid blows.
SPREAD AFTER DRAW IN to try and bail the pools in better places.
Once all stacks of frigid blows have been removed, Harjatan will deal a small amount of burst damage to the raid and remove everybody’s drenched stacks.