/ Eve Online

EVE Online Starter

EVE Online is vast. I believe that if you really want to get into the game you need to Omega. This means you need to purchase the game by subscribing to the game. There are four main things you can do starting off in the game.

  1. Haul
  2. Mine
  3. Manufacture
  4. Fight things (Security)

I suggest that you play the starting tutorial and try to do one or two things. The easiest missions to run are the hauling missions. Where you will be sent to pick items up or haul items to another station. It is easy and boring. The next thing that is easy and boring is mining. Although I believe starting off mining is the easiest way to make a good amount of money. I don't think you should do this permanently, but like I said it is a good way to get started building up your in-game wallet.

Stay in high sec until you learn the basics and find a good corporation to fly with. You will need time to train up the skills needed to be successful. Remember, the higher risk the more the reward and take the time to get through the learning curve.