EVE Online Market Tools Update 2021-05-11

EVE Online Market Tools has updated to match CCP today. Following Types have been added into the game database.

57556 Name: AEGIS Proximity Mine
57559 Name: AEGIS Security Scanner
57560 Name: AEGIS Encrypted Key Storage
57561 Name: AEGIS Security Vault
57562 Name: Gate Control System
57563 Name: Super Special Vault
57568 Name: AEGIS Coded Security Key CSSF-ENS
57569 Name: Gate Control Code A
57572 Name: Gate Control Code B
57573 Name: Gate Control Code C
57579 Name: Drone-Collected Wreckage
57580 Name: Overmind Nursery Structure
57581 Name: Force Field
57582 Name: AEGIS Security Pacifier
57583 Name: Signals Cormorant
57584 Name: AEGIS Security Enforcer
57585 Name: Signals Lachesis
57586 Name: AEGIS Security Marshal
57587 Name: Signals Scorpion
57686 Name: AEGIS Security Scan
57748 Name: Overmind Growth Structure
57749 Name: Overmind Nursery Nest
57750 Name: Salvaging Phase-0xZ Forager
57751 Name: Punishing Phase-IVxZ Broodguard
57761 Name: AEGIS Security GunStar
57762 Name: AEGIS Security Garrison
57829 Name: EoM Holy Binder
57830 Name: EoM Black Dagger
57831 Name: EoM Holy Purger
57832 Name: EoM Hoplokrisma
57833 Name: EoM Zealous Sword
57834 Name: EoM Holy Sanctifier
57835 Name: EoM Devout Fanatic
57836 Name: EoM Atoning Warrior
57858 Name: Capsuleer Day 2021 Wave Spawner
58600 Name: Apotheosis Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN
58601 Name: Sunesis Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN
58602 Name: Gnosis Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN
58603 Name: Praxis Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN
58604 Name: Crucifier Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN
58605 Name: Guardian Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN
58606 Name: Griffin Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN
58607 Name: Maulus Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN
58608 Name: Basilisk Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN
58609 Name: Vigil Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN
58610 Name: Scimitar Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN
58611 Name: Capsule Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN
58612 Name: Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN
58715 Name: AEGIS Security Deep Scanner
58724 Name: EoM Cyno Network Spoofing Facility
58725 Name: EoM Cyno Network Spoofing Facility
58726 Name: EoM Cyno Network Spoofing Facility
58734 Name: Massacres at M2-XFE Monument
58735 Name: Azbel
58736 Name: EoM Stolen Cyno Beacon
58739 Name: EoM Stolen Factory Outpost
58740 Name: Fortified EoM Wall
58741 Name: Docked EoM Bestower
58742 Name: Fortified Amarr Elevator
58743 Name: Fortified EoM Elevator
58744 Name: Fortified EoM Bunker
58746 Name: Fortified EoM Guard Lookout
58747 Name: Incomplete EoM Missile Battery
58748 Name: Fortified EoM Junction
58749 Name: Docked EoM Harbinger
58750 Name: EoM Stolen Engineering Complex
58751 Name: Fortified EoM Rogue Capital Shipyard
58752 Name: Fortified EoM Rogue Capital Shipyard
58753 Name: Vulnerable EoM Rogue Capital Shipyard
58754 Name: EoM Providence Freighter
58755 Name: AEGIS Security Deep Scan
58756 Name: Oneiros Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN
58757 Name: Men's Capsuleer Day XVIII T-Shirt
58761 Name: Capsuleer Day 2021 BossHS Spawner
58762 Name: Capsuleer Day 2021 BossNS Spawner
58763 Name: Capsuleer Day 2021 BossLS Spawner
58764 Name: EoM Purifying Lord
58765 Name: EoM Sacred Assassin
58766 Name: Amarr Archon Carrier
58767 Name: Men's Capsuleer Day XVIII Cap
58768 Name: Women's Capsuleer Day XVIII T-Shirt
58769 Name: Women's Capsuleer Day XVIII Cap
58773 Name: Capsuleer Day 2021 WSNS
58774 Name: Capsuleer Day 2021 WSLS
58775 Name: Dungeon Cloud 9062 (do not translate)
58779 Name: Sacrilege Abyssal Glory SKIN
58780 Name: Executioner Abyssal Glory SKIN
58781 Name: Cerberus Abyssal Glory SKIN
58782 Name: Condor Abyssal Glory SKIN
58783 Name: Atron Abyssal Glory SKIN
58784 Name: Deimos Abyssal Glory SKIN
58785 Name: 58785_Female_bottomOuter_PantsEngF01_Types_PantsEngF01_amarr.png
58786 Name: 58786_Female_bottomOuter_PantsEngF01_Types_PantsEngF01_caldari.png
58787 Name: 58787_Female_bottomOuter_PantsEngF01_Types_PantsEngF01_gallente.png
58788 Name: 58788_Female_bottomOuter_PantsEngF01_Types_PantsEngF01_minmatar.png
58789 Name: Slasher Abyssal Glory SKIN
58790 Name: Vagabond Abyssal Glory SKIN
58791 Name: 58791_Male_bottomOuter_PantsEngM01_Types_PantsEngM01_amarr.png
58792 Name: [no messageID: 580305]
58793 Name: 58793_Male_bottomOuter_PantsEngM01_Types_PantsEngM01_gallente.png
58794 Name: [no messageID: 580308]
58795 Name: Capsule Cascade Firework Crate
58797 Name: Capsuleer Day XVIII T-Shirt and Cap Crate
58798 Name: Aeon Ultraviolence Vortex SKIN
58799 Name: Wyvern Ultraviolence Vortex SKIN
58800 Name: Nyx Ultraviolence Vortex SKIN
58801 Name: Hel Ultraviolence Vortex SKIN
58802 Name: Fortified EoM Rogue Capital Shipyard
58803 Name: Vulnerable EoM Rogue Capital Shipyard
58804 Name: Vulnerable EoM Rogue Capital Shipyard
58806 Name: EoM Stasis Webber Tower
58808 Name: EoM Warp Disruptor Tower
58809 Name: 58809_Female_TopMiddle_ShirtEngF01_Types_ShirtEngF01_amarr.png
58810 Name: 58810_Female_TopMiddle_ShirtEngF01_Types_ShirtEngF01_caldari.png
58811 Name: 58811_Female_TopMiddle_ShirtEngF01_Types_ShirtEngF01_gallente.png
58812 Name: 58812_Female_TopMiddle_ShirtEngF01_Types_ShirtEngF01_minmatar.png
58813 Name: 58813_Male_topMiddle_ShirtEngM01_Types_ShirtEngM01_amarr.png
58814 Name: 58814_Male_topMiddle_ShirtEngM01_Types_ShirtEngM01_caldari.png
58815 Name: 58815_Male_topMiddle_ShirtEngM01_Types_ShirtEngM01_gallente.png
58816 Name: 58816_Male_topMiddle_ShirtEngM01_Types_ShirtEngM01_minmatar.png
58817 Name: 58817_Female_Feet_ShoesEngF01_Types_ShoesEngF01_amarr.png
58818 Name: [no messageID: 580494]
58819 Name: 58819_Female_Feet_ShoesEngF01_Types_ShoesEngF01_gallente.png
58820 Name: [no messageID: 580496]
58821 Name: 58821_Female_Feet_ShoesEngF01_Types_ShoesEngF01_redblack.png
58822 Name: Porpoise Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN
58823 Name: Orca Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN
58824 Name: Rorqual Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN
58825 Name: 58825_Male_Feet_ShoesEngM01_Types_ShoesEngM01_amarr.png
58826 Name: 58826_Male_Feet_ShoesEngM01_Types_ShoesEngM01_caldari.png
58827 Name: 58827_Male_Feet_ShoesEngM01_Types_ShoesEngM01_gallente.png
58828 Name: 58828_Male_Feet_ShoesEngM01_Types_ShoesEngM01_minmatar.png
58829 Name: 58829_Male_Feet_ShoesEngM01_Types_ShoesEngM01_redblack.png
58830 Name: Infested Aeon Wreck
58831 Name: Infested Avatar Wreck
58832 Name: Infested Wyvern Wreck
58833 Name: Infested Leviathan Wreck
58834 Name: Infested Nyx Wreck
58835 Name: Infested Erebus Wreck
58836 Name: Infested Hel Wreck
58837 Name: Infested Ragnarok Wreck
58838 Name: Infested Zirnitra Wreck
58839 Name: Rogue Drone Nursery Pods
58840 Name: Dungeon Environment R1 9146
58841 Name: Dungeon Environment R2 9146
58842 Name: Rogue Drone Harvest Structure
58843 Name: Event 26 Proving Filament
58844 Name: Event 27 Proving Filament
58845 Name: Event 28 Proving Filament
58846 Name: Event 29 Proving Filament
58847 Name: Event 30 Proving Filament
58848 Name: Event 31 Proving Filament
58849 Name: Event 32 Proving Filament
58850 Name: Event 33 Proving Filament
58851 Name: Extended Capsuleer Day Cerebral Accelerator
58852 Name: Potent Capsuleer Day Cerebral Accelerator
58853 Name: Basic Capsuleer Day Cerebral Accelerator
58854 Name: Potent Capsuleer Day Glamourex Booster
58855 Name: Extended Capsuleer Day Glamourex Booster
58856 Name: Basic Capsuleer Day Glamourex Booster
58857 Name: Capsuleer Day Noise-18 'Needlejack' Filament
58858 Name: Capsuleer Day Signal-18 'Needlejack' Filament
58859 Name: Praxis Versus Redforce SKIN
58860 Name: Praxis Versus Blueforce SKIN
58861 Name: Griffin Navy Issue Forward 4-4 SKIN
58862 Name: Raven Navy Issue Forward 4-4 SKIN
58863 Name: Scorpion Navy Issue Forward 4-4 SKIN
58864 Name: Rifter Republic Fleet SKIN
58865 Name: Breacher Republic Fleet SKIN
58866 Name: Hyena Republic Fleet SKIN
58867 Name: Talwar Republic Fleet SKIN
58868 Name: Rupture Republic Fleet SKIN
58869 Name: Bellicose Republic Fleet SKIN
58870 Name: Muninn Republic Fleet SKIN
58871 Name: Tornado Republic Fleet SKIN
58872 Name: Typhoon Republic Fleet SKIN
58873 Name: Vargur Republic Fleet SKIN
58874 Name: Kestrel Caldari Navy SKIN
58875 Name: Merlin Caldari Navy SKIN
58876 Name: Buzzard Caldari Navy SKIN
58877 Name: Cormorant Caldari Navy SKIN
58878 Name: Moa Caldari Navy SKIN
58879 Name: Blackbird Caldari Navy SKIN
58880 Name: Falcon Caldari Navy SKIN
58881 Name: Naga Caldari Navy SKIN
58882 Name: Raven Caldari Navy SKIN
58883 Name: Widow Caldari Navy SKIN
58884 Name: Incursus Federation Navy SKIN
58885 Name: Tristan Federation Navy SKIN
58886 Name: Taranis Federation Navy SKIN
58887 Name: Algos Federation Navy SKIN
58888 Name: Thorax Federation Navy SKIN
58889 Name: Celestis Federation Navy SKIN
58890 Name: Oneiros Federation Navy SKIN
58891 Name: Talos Federation Navy SKIN
58892 Name: Hyperion Federation Navy SKIN
58893 Name: Kronos Federation Navy SKIN
58894 Name: Punisher Imperial Navy SKIN
58895 Name: Tormentor Imperial Navy SKIN
58896 Name: Crusader Imperial Navy SKIN
58897 Name: Coercer Imperial Navy SKIN
58898 Name: Maller Imperial Navy SKIN
58899 Name: Arbitrator Imperial Navy SKIN
58900 Name: Guardian Imperial Navy SKIN
58901 Name: Prophecy Imperial Navy SKIN
58902 Name: Abaddon Imperial Navy SKIN
58903 Name: Redeemer Imperial Navy SKIN
58907 Name: Infested Aeon Debris
58908 Name: Infested Avatar Debris
58909 Name: Infested Wyvern Debris
58910 Name: Infested Leviathan Debris
58911 Name: Infested Nyx Debris
58912 Name: Infested Erebus Debris
58913 Name: Infested Hel Debris
58914 Name: Infested Ragnarok Debris
58915 Name: Infested Zirnitra Debris
58916 Name: Rogue Drone Nursery Pod
58917 Name: Dungeon Environment R0 9146
58932 Name: Proving Special FFA Beacon (Do not translate)

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