Why EVE Online is discouraging for new players

EVE Online is a very cool and fun concept. The game is vast and it mimics real life or the real world very well. It takes time and money to be successful like everything else in this world. I am sorry I have to be negative but here are the facts of why this game is dying and why its discouraging for new players to even play.

  1. To be efficient in making money (isk) in the game it takes six to seven months to get into a ship that can solo.
  2. The community is not helpful. The status quo is your a spy. "No really guys I'm just a new player trying to learn." (my corp has been helpful)
  3. You have to run multiple accounts all at once to make real isk. Kind of like the real world. Once you make it you have made it, but getting there is next to impossible.
  4. The user interfaces even though it has gotten a lot better is still very old, clunky and not intuitive. Apple definitely didn't design it. (I know its 16 years old or something like that)

My suggestions to the dev team, right or wrong, is that you design your game to have more steps for players to have success in. If your players have to go to an online university to learn how to play your game that is a major deterrent to acquiring new players. Make a clear progression into the game not log in set up a skill que, a subscription and come back in six months.

I am running a Vexor Navy Issue ship and I am pretty skilled up in it. Doing this I can make 15 million isk a tick or 45 million an hour ratting. Which is killing pirates or npcs. 2018-06-17-13_53_32-EVE---Metz-Rowen

To get to run these same missions at a faster speed which will make me close to 200 million isk per hour I need to run a carrier. 2018-06-17-13_43_26-EVE---Metz-Rowen

Why is there not a ship in between that can be a steping stone or upgrade to these missions? 2018-06-17-13_47_20-EVE---Metz-Rowen

So as far as my options go I can do the following things.

  1. Mine with some people that have Rorquals. Very long and boring. Hard to get into a good fleet as a new player. Back to that point, everyone thinks you're a spy.
  2. Run my VNI 23 hours a day for four months. 2018-06-17-14_20_17-EVE---Metz-Rowen
  3. Salvage but most carriers will not fleet with you or tell you where they are because you're a spy. 2018-06-17-14_20_58-EVE---Metz-Rowen

What I have learned is that if you can get on a good run in a system you can make about 200 million isk in an hour or two salvaging.

In conclusion, EVE is a hardcore game. I like that I just wish that there were more options to be successful in quicker steps other than a six-month training que or 400 dollars to buy isk to purchase skill injectors. Thank you again to all the awesome corp members that have helped me out so far.