Venal Deployment Market tools update

Tonight I added the region Venal to the Market tools updater. It will only pick up public market data until Goons has a market station here.

A user can compare other regions to Venal now to find market opportunities.


Remember that sorting by Quick Profit column compares sell orders to buy orders.

Click on Dest Orders Remaing to see details of the Sell to buy orders. Instant profit.

Whereas sorting by Potential profit compares sell orders to sell orders.


Remember to click on the Name link to get to the correct sell to sell orders.


Contruction costs

Also, if you want to see the price of building something compared to another region you can do that by clicking on your blue prints and then the blue print you want to contruct.


Jita Single column is Source price and Delve Price column is Destination Price.

As you can see in the photo below there are no Capital Corporate Hangar Bay, Capital Sensor Cluster, or Capital Ship Maintenance Bay component on the market in Venal.


Another Example would be Templar I Blueprint.


Any questions feel free to contact me, Metz Rowen.

Fly Safe!