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To build a video game?

Today I downloaded unreal engine 4 to start building a game. As most people know I am an avid video game player. I am also a decent programmer. I wouldn't say I am the best but I wouldn't say that I am a beginner either. So, putting both of my passions together seems logical to me.


  1. I love video games.
  2. I love to program.
  3. I think I can build a better game concept than what is in the marketplace.
  4. I am bored with all the video games that I own right now.
  5. The gaming industry is three times bigger than Hollywood and is still growing.

I have chosen to use the unreal engine for these reasons.

  1. A lot of games have been built on this platform already.
  2. There is a marketplace to purchase elements to put into your game. I am a programmer, not a graphic designer.
  3. A lot of bigger issues have already been solved by the unreal team.

I know there are a lot of issues to overcome. One of the biggest problems is that I am only one person and I have a limited skill set. So, my goals are to just get through some tutorials and see what the learning curve is like to program my own simple game. In the end, I would like to have a finished product that I can at least share and play with my friends.