Maiden of Vigilance

Maiden will infuse each player with a Fel Infusion or Light Infusion. The tanks will never have the same type. Getting hit by abilities that do not match your infusion will cause Unstable Soul OR standing on top of someone with a mismatched infusion will cause Unstable Soul. ***Inflicts 303,500 Fire damage every 2 sec. After 8 sec the target will explode, inflicting 928,500 Fire damage. The target and allies within 5 yds will also be knocked back. *** This is usually combated best by those with Fel go to one side of the boss and those with Light go to the other side.

(You do have a few seconds of a grace period that will allow you to walk over people in order to get to a different side.)

Also, with Unstable Soul this is where the hole in the middle comes in. If you get Unstable soul, you will want to watch the timer above your head tick down and when it has about 2 seconds left, jump into the hole. Then when the damage goes off, it will be in the hole and it won’t hit your raid and the knock up will bring you back up to the platform. JUMP TOO EARLY AND YOU FALL TO YOUR DEATH. JUMP TOO LATE AND THE RAID DAMAGE WILL GO OFF AS YOU ARE FALLING AND THEN YOU WILL FALL TO YOUR DEATH.

Ideally you will have very few of these go out, by keeping both groups separated, but she will cast Mass Instability and cause up to 3 players to gain Unstable Soul.

You will want to help the tanks stack the cleave ability that matches your Infusion.
Hammer of Creation is a cone of Holy/Physical Damage directed at the tank with the Light Infusion and players with the same infusion will want to stack behind that tank near the boss to help soak, however the tank should be able to soak it by himself. That cone will also leave behind a patch that you don’t want to stand in that will send out light bolts that will deal random holy damage (will show up as a golden swirl, that you will just move out of.
Hammer of Obliteration is the same, except with Fel Damage and green swirls and a green patch to move out of.

About 40 seconds after starting the fight she will go into phase 2. She will stun everyone for 6 seconds, and teleport to the other side and put a damage absorb shield on herself.
She will then cast Wrath of the Creators which will deal ticking damage to everyone in the raid. This is interruptible after you break her damage absorb shield.

To help you, while she is casting Wrath of the Creators, she will be sending out 3 columns of orbs out in both directions, Fel and Light orbs. You will want to move side to side to get in the way of the orbs with your Infusion on it and avoid the ones of your opposite infusion. If you pick up an orb that doesn’t match your type, you will get Unstable Soul, which is bad because there is already high raid damage going out and you want to be focusing on killing the boss.

When you do pick up an orb of your type, you gain a DPS increase by 10% and healing done by 5% for 30 seconds. (this can stack up to 10 times and will buff people near you as you soak them and splash the buffs to everyone).

After this, she will reenter phase 1 and cast the Infusions on the raid with a whole new set of Holy and Fel Infusions.