EVE Online Update

Here's a summary of the latest developments in EVE Online:

  • Winter Nexus is Coming on December 5th: Get ready for the next in-game event, Winter Nexus, which will bring festive activities and challenges to New Eden.

  • Evolving Overview - Test Now: The new overview settings are now available for testing on the Singularity test server. These settings include a new default overview based on the popular Z-S Overview Pack, multiple overview settings, and more.

  • 2 for 1 Sale Live Now: Get twice the impact of Skill Extractors and Alpha Injectors with the 2 for 1 sale that is currently running.

  • Monthly Economic Report - October 2023: The Monthly Economic Report for October 2023 is now available. This report provides an overview of the in-game economy, including market trends, production levels, and more.

  • Havoc hits EVE Online on November 14th: The Havoc expansion will introduce new pirate factions, insurgencies, and a new system to explore.

In addition to these major updates, there are a number of other things happening in EVE Online, including:

  • Factional Warfare activity has significantly increased since the Uprising expansion went live.

  • New capsuleer communities are arriving in New Eden all the time.

  • EVE Online is offering Black Friday deals now through November 27th.

  • There are a number of ongoing in-game events, including the Crimson Harvest event and the Winter Nexus event.