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Dual Universe Rockhopper Ship Review

First and foremost, I want to state that this is my first time buying anything from the Dual Universe Creators website and I want to make this clear that my experience was nothing but top-notch from this seller. (AndreAF) The Rockhopper does exactly what I expected it to do. It has a warp drive to get to other places in the system. The Rockhopper performs exceptionally well and is easy to fly and can carry a large payload. The seller delivered the ship to me as well and his customer service was exceptional. Five stars on this experience and I highly recommend purchasing AndreAF's ships.


The following video is long but AndreAF is showing me and explaining the Rockhopper ship to me.

The last video is the final raw experience of seeing the ship in person for the first time. I brought the ship back to a moon base for my buddy to review.

Link to the ship on Dual Universe Creators.