Blue Prints Updated

EVE Online's newest expansion, Equinox, which launched yesterday, introduced four new Upwell ships designed for hauling and defending resources in nullsec:

  • Squall: This is a base Tech I hauler, acting as the entry level for hauling resources.
  • Deluge: This Tech II blockade runner is a variation of the Squall, featuring covert ops cloaking, high speed, and immunity to cargo scanners for added safety.
  • Torrent: This robust deep space transport offers a good balance of capacity and security.
  • Avalanche: The largest and most powerful of the new ships, the Avalanche is the first freighter to come with high-power slots for missiles, making it a formidable freighter with firepower rivaling battleships. It also benefits from an enhanced bonus to auto-targeting missiles and can equip capital shield flex hardeners.

Blueprints have been updating in our market data system.